High-profile investors put US$6M into esports social platform eFuse


The online platform eFuse has billed itself as “LinkedIn for Gamers”. It’s designed to be where players and streamers go to network—and maybe even get discovered.

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of eFuse, though. It has largely flown under the radar, but that could change now that some high-profile athletes have gotten involved. When we say “gotten involved” we really mean “invested millions of dollars”. And by “high-profile athletes”, we mean big-leaguers from the NFL and NBA.

As Forbes reported today:

In its latest round of funding, led by the Ohio Innovation Fund, eFuse–which positions itself as “esports’ home for qualified talent”–earned backing from NFL and NBA stars Odell Beckham Jr. and Denzel Ward (Cleveland Browns), Ezekiel Elliott (Dallas Cowboys), Chase Winovich (New England Patriots), and Seth Curry (Philadelphia 76ers).

Gamers network differently

In an email to GamesBeat, eFuse CEO Matthew Benson explained the platform’s raison d’etre.

“Gamers network, connect, and share differently,” Benson wrote. “They need a place to showcase a highlight reel, connect their credentials to validate ‘rank,’ and chat with their unique meme-heavy shorthand. Also, eFuse is purpose-built to help gamers get discovered so they’re only presented with gaming-specific opportunities, like studio internships or job postings, college scouting events, and pro-team tryouts. You just can’t find that on Reddit or LinkedIn.”

But it’s not just competitive Overwatch and Valorant players who can benefit from eFuse. Benson told Forbes: “Gaming certainly needs competitors, but it also needs everything from 3D modelers, game designers, business and creative executives, and much more. That’s what is most exciting about eFuse; we want to help all types of gamers get discovered.”

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