IBM and Overwatch League are partners thanks to a new deal

A lot of eyeballs will be seeing the IBM logo


Overwatch League

IBM has become the latest heavy hitter to officially wade into the world of esports. The tech giant is now an official partner of Overwatch League. The deal gives IBM the chance to spotlight its cloud products. And its Watson artificial-intelligence program. Yes, IBM and Overwatch League are partners.

However, things don’t stop there. Giving IBM invaluable exposure to a highly coveted demographic, the company becomes OWL’s artificial intelligence and analytic partner.

Things will move quickly in what it IBM’s first foray into esports. Indeed, IBM will have a major footprint starting with the 2020 Overwatch League Grand Finals. The finals are already underway. Indeed, IBM will also be front and centre on both the branding and behind-the-scenes fronts for Overwatch League’s 2021 and 2022 seasons.

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IBM and Overwatch League

That footprint will include stats analysis, predicting match results using it’s Watson AI.

In a press release announcing the deal, IBM sports and entertainment vice-president Noah Syken said that the company is excited. Mostly to bring its Watson system and cloud platforms to esports.

“The solutions we’re partnering to create can help the organizations, players,” Syken said. “And fans enjoy an even more immersive, engaging experience. We look forward to working with the Overwatch League, to bring innovative solutions at scale, to broad and relevant audiences.”

Meanwhile, Overwatch game developer Activision Blizzard meanwhile called the union a big benefit to viewers of the league. Because IBM and Overwatch League are partners.

Indeed, Activision’s Brandon Snow said, “We’re constantly striving to give fans the ability to more meaningfully engage with the Overwatch League. And teaming up with IBM enables us to do just that. IBM’s cutting-edge AI and machine learning, underpinned by cloud technologies, will help enable us to bring interactive and innovative engagement opportunities to our fans and teams.”

Major upside for IBM

Meanwhile, the other major upside for IBM? Indeed, that would be that having its logo prominently displayed at Overwatch League matches. And when stats are reported. That means a whole lot of eyeballs on the company. A company often been perceived as being for those who head to work in pressed slacks and starched white shirts with pocket protectors.

While IBM is new to esports, it has a long history with traditional sports. Its logo has long been front and centre at tennis majors (Wimbledon and the US Open, football (ESPN Fantasty Football) and gold (The Masters).

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