If You Speak The Language of Overwatch, Prepare to Be Thrilled at News of The Hero of Numbani

Ask your grandparents how they weeded out The Lord of the Rings believers from the common rabble back in pre-Peter Jackson olden times, and the answer will have everything to do with names.

If the mention of Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf, and the Shire led to nothing but blank stares, they understood they were dealing with folks who clearly weren’t their people.

Likewise, ask yourself what the following have in common: Efi Oladele, Orisa, Numbani, and Doomfist.

Fans of Overwatch know the answer, and they’ll be interested to learn that all will be getting equal screen time in The Hero of Numbani, which is scheduled for release on June 2.

As for the rest of you, if you guessed “New game,” sorry, but you’re wrong.

The Hero of Numbani is the first official novel from Overwatch, and it takes a highly detailed look at Efi Oladele’s building of Orisa as a Numbani defense against Doomfist.

If that means nothing to you, you really need to be spending less time reading and more time playing Overwatch.

The book’s author, Austin, Texas-based Nicky Drayden, has also brought the world the critically acclaimed futuristic South African tale The Prey of Gods.

You can preview The Hero of Numbani on the Overwatch website here.

The sampling is an extensive one, and includes the following. And sorry, there are no orcs—but you already knew that.

“Warm, golden light filtered in through the window in Efi’s workshop, bringing with it a beam of hope . . . Hope that this new robot of hers would work this time, and not embarrass her in front of her friends. Again.
Efi watched as the six-legged spider ran across the wooden tabletop. It was made of jet-black metal and the most advanced artificial intelligence Efi’s ingenuity and allowance could afford. She held her breath as it approached the edge. This robot would revolutionize the world, Efi was sure of it, but right now it had one big problem.
The robot toppled over the table’s edge and hit the ground. Then, as if dazed, it stumbled around, wobbling this way and that. Finally, it seemed as if it had corrected its footing, and took a few confident steps . . . right into the side of the unlaced sneaker belonging to Efi’s best friend Naade.”

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