Immortals Gaming Club and Nerd Street Gaming Team Up for LoL and Overwatch Summer Camps

Some kids grow up dreaming of becoming the next Wayne Gretzky or Serena Williams. Others would rather see themselves as the next JJoNak or Faker.

Those in the latter category have reason to rejoice this summer. With more traditional sleep-away camps put on hold due to COVID-19, Immortals Gaming Club and Nerd Street Gamers have stepped in to fill the void with multiday online eSports camps focused on League of Legends and Overwatch.

“Almost overnight, staying home to play video games became the socially responsible thing to do,” said John Fazio, founder and CEO of Nerd Street Gamers in a May 21 press release. “Esports has the opportunity to fill the void left by cancelled summer camps and other events. With Immortals Gaming Club, we are providing parents and gamers with opportunities to connect with one another, build their skills, and duplicate the experience of traditional summer camps digitally.”

Camp attendees will receive instruction from industry pros, including coaches and players, who will cover the fundamentals of competitive gaming, map and game strategy, team dynamics, and effective communication skills.

Per the press release, “Skills learned throughout the sessions, including teamwork, communication, and positively staying cool under pressure, will serve campers in their lives, both while gaming and elsewhere.”

Five-day Overwatch camps run July 13 to 17, with the League of Legends version running July 20 to 24. A twice-weekly LoL camp runs from June 30 to July 16. Visit for all the details.

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