Manchester United player Jesse Lingard jumps into the world of esports

Jesse Lingard. Instagram/

Professional English soccer player Jesse Lingard has decided to make the leap from the pitch to the digital world of esports. Most known as a member of Manchester United, Lingard has decided to purchase a Rainbow Six Siege team. That team will, moving forward, be known by the name JLINGZ. It will compete in the Nationals Second Division in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

In an interview with the BBC’s Radio 1 Newsbeat, Lingard called himself a long-time follower of esports.

“I’ve always liked to keep my mind busy outside of football,” he said. “I’ve got my clothing line because I’m into fashion but I’ve always been into gaming as well. The esports industry is massive now and lots of people are dying to get involved and I just can’t wait to help progress my team.”

The great thing about owning a team is that you get to call all the shots. Among Lingard’s duties will be deciding who ends up on the JLINGZ Rainbow Six Siege roster, and also who will be doing the coaching.

In his BBC interview, English soccer player Jesse Lingard confessed to having spent more time playing FIFA and Call of Duty than Rainbow Six Siege. He added that what he loves about the game that he’s now all-in with thanks to JLINGZ is that it’s tactical in nature, which reminds him of soccer.

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