L.A. Thieves announce a dream job with a couple of catches

So close, and yet so far. Even since the first golden era of Hollywood, Los Angeles has been a magnet for dreamers from across the world. It’s the land of sunshine and oranges, Hollywood and Vine, and Lana Turner being discovered in a soda shop, which may or may not have happened. So you can imagine that members of the 100 Thieves family were excited by news that the organization was launching a Call of Duty League team called L.A. Thieves. And how disappointed they are now.

There will indeed be second Los Angeles team in the Call of Duty League during the 2021 season. Joining the Los Angeles Guerrillas in representing Tinseltown will be the new L.A. Thieves. That team was born when 100 Thieves snapped up a Call of Duty League franchise spot previously owned by OpTic Gaming.

Where things get odd is that it doesn’t seem like the L.A. Thieves will be calling La-La Land home. This, despite 100 Thieves owning and running its much ballyhooed 100 Thieves Cash App compound.

The organization is looking for a team manager for the L.A. Thieves—but living on the West Coast isn’t a prerequisite. Instead, the applicant should either live in Dallas, Texas, or at least be prepared to move there. Job details will start with coordinating a move into the L.A. Thieves’ new house in Dallas.

Call of Duty team called L.A. Thieves!

Should this sound interesting, according to the job posting for a Call of Duty team called L.A. Thieves, responsibilities will also include supporting the team’s general manager and coach. Those applying need to be “resourceful and a good problem solver”, “reliable”, and possess a “can do” attitude.

Day-to-day activities will include running errands, managing the maintenance of the house, making sure the players are all comfortable, and managing the receipt of distribution of mail and packages.

Sound like exciting work for a Call of Duty team called L.A. Thieves? Well before you get too excited, the job pays between $15 and $20 per hour. Admittedly, that’s not going to help you buy a house next to George Clooney in Mexico. On the plus side however, your money is going to go a lot further in Dallas than it would in Los Angeles.

Here is the job posting.

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