L.A. Thieves take a big step towards great grooming with Dollar Shave


The Call of Duty League’s newest team might not be the best in the upcoming season, but the odds are decent that the team will be the most styling from a grooming standpoint. That’s because the L.A. Thieves and Dollar Shave Club are now in business together.

The deal will see the mail-order shaving business step up as a sponsor for the esports team. Upcoming orders of business will include financial support for a documentary series on the Thieves. Also in the works is a commentary series where the narrator will be a high-profile Call of Duty League player.

Things won’t stop with those two big-ticket endeavours. Watch for the Dollar Shave Club name to appear on L.A. Thieves merch and team apparel. DSC will also step up as a sponsor of the 100 Thieves Cash App compound in Los Angeles.

In announcing the partnership, 100 Thieves founder Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag said this: “Call of Duty means so much to me, so I’m really excited to have another true Los Angeles company, Dollar Shave Club, join us as the founding partner for LA’s newest team, the LA Thieves. It’s going to be a great season.”

The Dollar Shave Club was started 10 years ago by entrepreneurs Mark Levine and Michael Dubin. The two ended talking (and perhaps comparing Rip Van Winkle-like facial hair) about the insanely high cost of razor blades at a party.

Dollar Shave a major success

Flash forward a few years and the Dollar Shave Club was a major success story, with a mere $10 getting you six mail-order multi-blade razors per month. Also under the company’s umbrella are accessories like shave butter, wet wipes, and moisturizers.

As for the L.A., Thieves, the team came into being late last year when 100 Thieves grabbed a Call of Duty League franchise spot previously owned by OpTic Gaming.

What’s interesting about Dollar Shave Club sponsoring the team’s Cash App Compound training facility, is that it’s questionable as to whether the Thieves will be calling Los Angeles home.

In December 100 put out a call for L.A. Thieves manager. It was stipulated that the applicant should either live in Dallas, Texas, or at least be prepared to move there. Job details will start with coordinating a move into the L.A. Thieves’ new house in Dallas.

Then again, given that, maybe L.A. Thieves and Dollar Shave teaming up makes perfect sense. You know who calls Texas home? That would be ZZ Top. And if anyone is taking their fashion cues from those guys, it’s important that Dollar Shave Club get the word out by whatever means possible, including esports.

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