LA Thieves get ready to throw the merchandise doors open for fans

Please let there be facemasks

Rooting for one’s favourite team at the local bar, arena, or, um, in a locked-down living room is part of being a fan whether we’re talking hockey, baseball, or esports. But there’s one way above all to show you care more than the next guy or girl: merch. Which makes today a very good day for LA Thieves fans.

The newly minted Call of Duty team has announced that it’s now locked and loaded on the merchandise front. Yes, the LA Thieves shop is getting ready to officially open for business. If you’ve got a credit card, PayPal account, or spare pile of laundry money you can load up on T-shirts, jerseys, and ever-popular hoodies.

You will however have to accept that there are going to be a couple of more sleeps before Christmas.

The shop will throw open its virtual doors at 10 am Pacific Time on March 4. LA Thieves fans can access it through the LA Thieves website here.

LA Thieves razorblades not yet a thing!

What else be might on offer? Unless we’re in for a major surprise, we’re unfortunately going to have to wait a bit for branded LA Thieves razorblades, shaving cream, and manscapers, but don’t let that stop you from daring to dream. And who’s to say they won’t become a reality. Recall if you will the 100 Thieves-owned franchise recently jumping into a partnership with the crazily successful mail-order enterprise the Dollar Shave Club.

The plan is for the Dollar Shave Club name to appear on L.A. Thieves team apparel. DSC is also sponsoring the 100 Thieves Cash App compound in Los Angeles.

Whether or not you’ll be seeing the Dollar Shave Club on the hoodies, t-shirts, and jerseys you’re getting ready to drop a wad on at the merch store remains to be seen. As does the LA Thieves merch shop branching out from clothes to offer items like logo-emblazoned water bottles, underwear, pens, pocket protectors, baseball caps, and face masks.

On that latter front, please God let there be facemasks. Because it’s hard, when everyone has one these days, to make a fashion statement with the generic surgical ones that come in boxes of 100.

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