Lamborghini rolls out a rarity for the Asphalt 9: Legends tournament

One of the sad but utterly undeniable realities of life is that most of us are on the outside looking. That’s why the hallowed one percent live in waterfront mansions in Monaco, have kitchen water taps retrofitted to dispense Dom Perignon, and think nothing of dropping a couple hundred grand on automobiles they park in on-site airport hangars. And the rest of live paycheque to paycheque on Kraft dinner worrying about an eviction notice. Always wanted to slide behind the wheel of Lamborghini, and not just while working the controls in Grand Theft Auto? Dare to dream. Or, sign up for the Lamborghini-affiliated Asphalt 9: Legends tournament.

The famous Italian luxury automobile company has teamed up with the mobile racing game for an event that runs from now until September 18. Esports afficianadoes across the globe can slide behind the virtual wheel of a Lamborghini and then tackle a series of challenges with guaranteed rewards.

While the car manufacturer is promising brand-specific prizes, we’re going to assume that means things like a Lamborghini car-keychain, rather than the keys to a Lamborghini car.

To cash in you’re going to have to outdrive other competitors, in three qualifying rounds. That will be followed by playoffs, and then a final race for all the digital marbles on September 18.

The car giant explained its involvement with the driving game as being part of an ongoing effort to connect with fans in the booming world of esports.

In a news release Lamborghini motorsport head Giorgio Sanna said: “There is a digital version of all the GT championships that Lamborghini competes in, giving real drivers and fans the chance to have fun but also to gain experience through simulations on virtual circuits. Gaming certainly has a more playful and less realistic approach, but it’s an important tool for introducing our cars to the general public and the younger generation. For this reason, we are very pleased that the Essenza SCV12 has been chosen by Asphalt 9: Legends, allowing players to experience the thrill of getting behind the wheel of our track-only hypercar”.

What no doubt has true Lamborghini fans excited is the digital version of the car that they’ll be driving.

The Essenza SCV12 is a track-only hypercar with production limited to 40 units. It’s making a first appearance in Asphalt 9: Legends, the latest installment in a Gameloft esports franchise with over 1 billion downloads.

Stop window shopping. And start driving in the Lamborghini-affiliated Asphalt 9: Legends tournament.

Mike Usinger once took the better part of two years to finish Grand Theft Auto. Over the course of his career he has written about everything from eSports to music to movies to travel.

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