24 Hours of Le Mans changes name but stays tied to a watchmaking legend

As a general rule of thumb, the kind of company one keeps sometimes speaks louder than words. On that front, the 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual racing series has some heavy hitters on side, starting with one of the world’s most famous watchmakers. And that translates into instant legitimacy. Rolex has once again stepped up as the Official Energy Partner of the sim race, which has been rebranded as the Le Mans Virtual Series.

Those with great memories might remember the luxury-brand watchmaker as one of the 2021 sponsors of the race formerly known as 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Also on board for the upcoming virtual series, which features online competition from September to December, are blockchain brand Algorand, LEGO, Goodyear, and energy drink company Total Energies. In order, those multinationals will be titled Official Blockchain Partner, Official Engineering Partner, Official Tire Partner, and Official Energy Partner.

Drivers from across the world will participate in the Le Mans Virtual Series using sim cars and Studio 397’s rFactor 2 platform. The series will culminate with an in-person televised competition taking place January 15-16 of next year at Birmingham, England’s Autosport International motorsport show.

Teams which will be taking part include heavy hitters from Alpine, Porsche, and Ferrari. Twelve different nations will participate, including drivers from Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

The thing that every aspiring esports sim racer will want to know is, of course, how much money is at stake in the Le Mans Virtual Series.. Esports drivers will vie for a US$250,000 prize pool, with half up for grabs in the end-of-season two-day standalone race.

Dare to dream. Not only about owning a Rolex, but whipping the Le Mans sim car competition and driving away with a year or two’s wages in 24 hours. If it’s all about the company one keeps, it’s time to up the clout of your personal brand.

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