League of Legends All-Star Event set for Christmas

The happiest time of year is coming


Riot Games

Mark your calendars for one of the most highly anticipated events in the League of Legends year. If one thing can be taken as gospel in 2020, it’s that the COVID-19 pandemic has, and continues, to alter life as we’ve known it. As such, it’s good to know that some traditions will continue. On that front, Riot Games has unveiled the schedule for its annual League of Legends All-Star Event.

With the world once again in lockdown, it will surprise no one to hear that the Run the Rift showcase will be held online. Action is set for December 18-20 with a few tweaks from how things are normally done.

The online format means the professionals and influencers who’ll take part will either play from their homes or from a regional studio.

Because of the online format, we’ll get two different stages of competition. The first, on December 18, is being billed as Underdog Uprising. Top pros chosen by voting fans will go head-to-head, with the goal being to defeat competitors from nearby regions.

Superstar Showdown will turn the virtual spotlight on superstar teams from LCK, LCS, LEC, and LPL. LCK and LPL. Each will have three teams as representatives. That takes place on December 18, with the semis and the finals playing out on December 19-20.

All-Star LoL teams are a mix of players

Teams will consist of a mix of pro players, influencers, and ex-pro icons.

To compensate for speed and lag issues that are not a problem during normal in-person times, LoL will work with regional talent to pick optimum servers to maximize ping.

For a full detailed breakdown, go here.

Because the League of Legends All-Star Event is taking place in the Christmas season, it’s only fitting that the idea of giving back is part of the event. Winners will receive prize money that will go to their favourite charities.

League of Legends All-Star Event matches can be view on lolesports.com.

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