League of Legends gives you the green light to start spending with Your Shop

Love shopping? You’re not alone. Without credit and debit cards, piggy banks, pocket change, and good old-fashioned benjamins the world would be a more boring place. And, because you love shopping, you’re going to be thrilled with the news that the League of Legends Your Shop is up and running.

Those who have money burning a hole in their pocket can chose from six champion skins which are based on the champion pools of each players.

Punch your shopping ticket by looking at the top right-hand side of the your League of Legends home page. Skip the tabs for Loot and Collection, and instead find Your Shop right next to the standard Store icon.

From there it’s not only time to shop, but even better to shop at a discounted price. We’re talking six random skins tied to a variety of random capsules.

Unfortunately, it’s not overly likely that you’ll be finding Legendary and Ultimate skins sitting there with the Standard and Epic skins in the Your Show world. But don’t let that stop you from daring to dream.

You’ve got money to spend. And sometimes the act of spending is enough to make you glad you continue to be part of the global economy at the League of Legends Your Shop

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