Riot Games plans to head to Iceland for League of Legends MSI

For those hoping to stage high-profile events that suggest a return to something resembling pro-COVID 19 normalcy, some destinations make more sense than others. Only the most clueless of clueless, for example, would be on the phone with their travel agent right now booking tickets to England, Portugal, or almost anywhere in the United States. The likes of New Zealand, Vietnam, and American Samoa, meanwhile, are considered as safe as countries come these days. So is Iceland, which explains today’s League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational news.

Riot Games has announced that it will be staging the tournament in Reykjavík from May 6-23. Action will unfold in the city’s Laugardalshöll sporting arena.

Last year’s MSI was cancelled as COVID-19 began scorching its way across the world, leading to nation-wide border lockdowns and stay-at-home orders. The 2020 Mid-Season Invitational ended up taking place, like so many esports competitions, online.

The planned 2021 tournament sees Spring Split champions from regions across the planet do battle to crown the top mid-season team. As far as major events on the League of Legends calendar go, it’s one of the biggest and therefore obviously most important.

Iceland was one of the most successful countries on the planet in terms of keeping the virus at bay. With infection rates still a concern across the planet, one might legitimately wonder how excited Icelanders are at inviting members from across the esports world to their country.

Riot heads to Iceland for first time!

Riot, which has never before staged an event in Iceland, is certainly excited about the MSI descending on the country. Company spokesman John Needham said this in a news release: “We are thrilled to showcase high-level Riot esports competition to a country as stunning and unique as Iceland, underscoring that passion for our esports can be found in every corner of the globe. Both MSI and VCT Masters will introduce us to breakout stars to watch this season.”

The Iceland action won’t stop with the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational. Riot has announced that last year’s wildly popular breakout game VALORANT will also use the country as a base. VALORANT’S VCT Masters will take place in Reykjavík running May 24-30, with 10 teams from across the globe battling it out for a spot at the VALORANT Champions table last this year.

“Both MSI and VCT Masters will introduce us to breakout stars to watch this season,” Needham said.

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