League of Legends moves back towards normalicy with in-studio Spring Split

Safety will be the big priority.

The COVID-19 pandemic is nowhere near under control globally, but that’s not stopping Riot Games from pivoting towards something resembling normalcy. The American-based company responsible for League of Legends developer has announced details for its upcoming LEC Spring Split playoffs.

The action will see teams squaring off in person in the Riot Games studio in Berlin. That’s something that hasn’t happened on-site in a year. All in-person play at the studio was halted last spring as COVID-19 forcing lockdowns across the planet. Competition instead took place via remote.

There will be no in-studio audience for the LEC Spring Split playoffs. And organizers figure that conditions will be safe for players as at any given time there will only be two teams on site.

In a press release announcing the return to in-person competition, League of Legends stated: “Our teams’, staff, and partners’ safety is of the utmost importance to us. We are taking every precaution to ensure that everyone who enters the studio is as protected as possible, so you can enjoy every moment of a live studio Spring Playoffs.”

Players need a negative test!

All players will be required to present negative COVID-19 tests before entering the studio. And all behind-the-scenes staff will wear facemasks at all times. In addition, the studio will be disinfected at regular intervals.

Once the playoffs are over, plans are to return to online play for the Summer Regular Season. For those keeping score, the last time there was in-person action in the Riot Games Berlin studio was 370 days ago.

You can watch the LEC Spring Split playoffs from the safety of your own home starting March 26.

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