League of Legends Worlds 2020 competition smashes all viewing records

As anyone with kids knows, it’s been something of an unconventional year. In British Columbia, for example, high schoolers are in class for about two hours a day, and then “studying” the rest. Meanwhile, all sorts of folks are working from home, diligently spending 7.5 hours glued to their keyboards, not even pausing for bathroom breaks. And yet, somehow, esports fans found plenty of time to watch League of Legends Worlds action.

LoL developer Riot Games announced today that the 2020 edition of the competition has been something of a screaming success. Viewership for the event, which took place both online and in-person in Shanghai, topped over 1 billion hours watched. Yes, you read that correct—a whopping 1 billion.

Things kicked off with the online portion, with Play-Ins at the Shanghai Media Tech Center taking viewers on a virtual tour of the mega-city, and then giving them a digital ringside seat for high-stakes competition.

League of Legends supporters piled up over 160 million viewing hours during the 38 Play-In matches, which represents a 61 percent jump from 2019. Roughly translated, that means that at any given time, approximately 23 million fans were tuned in to watch League of Legends Worlds action.

Those numbers jumped for the finals, when, at any given time, almost 46 million viewers were watching.

Some of those fans showed up in person for finals action at the Shanghai Media Tech Center. COVID-19 restrictions might have prevented teams from Vietnam from attending the event, but it didn’t stop from 6,312 fans from filing into the SAIC Motor Pudong Arena.

And they were the lucky ones. Evidently unaware there’s a global pandemic ripping across the world, 3.2 million League of Legends fans registered to see the finals competition live.

As for where the rest of the viewers came from, see the top of this story. Just because you’re supposed to be doing something like studying or working during lockdown doesn’t mean that you are.

DAMWON Gaming ultimately took home the World Championship title with a 3-1 victory over Suning Gaming.

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