Looking for a leg up in the world of esports? Overwolf has some money it’s looking to spread around

One of the most frustrating things in the world is having great ideas but no capital to execute them. Maybe you want to launch a “Swim Naked with the Humboldt Squids” business off the coast of California. Or take up bronze casting so you can create a 20-foot-tall statue of Mark Messier for a shrine outside of Rogers Arena. For esports fans with dreams, get ready to be excited about the new US$50 million Overwolf Creator Fund.

The Tel Aviv-based Overwolf operates as a modding platform for game publishers and developers. Companies and game creators can use it to monetize user-created content for games. That makes it a valuable resource for game creators, as well as those looking to share content, monetize in-game apps, boost community-spawned mod experiences for games.

To help fund new initiatives Overwolf has rolled out a US$50 million creator fund to support the work of those looking to bring ideas from the drawing board to life.

In announcing the initiative, Overwolf summed things up as follows: “Investing $50M to launch the first ever fund solely dedicated to building the ecosystem for community‑created experiences.”

A company statement continued with: “At Overwolf, we believe UGC is the future of games. We envision a world where the community of mod authors and in-game app creators can collaborate with game developers in creating endless playable options for gamers through skins, stats, LFG, video capture, new worlds, and more. Gamers get new game experiences and developers can safely and easily level up their titles. We can’t do it alone. Join us and our community of 30,000 in-game creators as we lay the groundwork for a new era of participating in AAA game creation, and push the boundaries of gaming.”

The first cheque from the Overwolf Creator Fund has already been sent, with Stray Bombay receiving a financial boost. The company is getting ready to launch a new shooter game titled The Anacrusis.

To apply for funding, go here.

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