Major ESports star FaZe “Rug” Awadis becomes a movie star

This project is the first of many

A major ESports star is getting ready to make the jump to the silver screen. FaZe Clan star Brian “Rug” Awadis will star in a feature film from FaZeClan. This will be his debut starring role.

Furthermore, the film’s director is Gregory Plotkin. However, you might know him from Paranormal Activity movies. The writer of the film is Simon Boyles. He wrote a movie called Songbird.

Collaborating on this film, which is part of a series, are FaZe Clan and a company called Invisible Narratives. Listed as producers of the film are FaZe Clan’s Lee Trink and Nikhil Jayaram.

Awadis is a major star of FaZe Clan. Major ESports star FaZe “Rug” Awadis has 11 million followers on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. That is a lot of followers, making him a star content creator.

Major ESports star FaZe “Rug” Awadis also has over 16 million YouTube subscribers. Combine all platforms, and that means that 27 million people are very interested in him. Also, he is very good at Call of Duty.

Furthermore, Awadis is only 23 years old. He’s with FaZe Clan for a long time.

“I am beyond excited to star in my first film!” ESports star FaZe Rug says in a release. “This is a dream come true for me. The idea to blend the world of YouTube content into traditional films is a creative adventure that I’m so proud to be a part of.”

What will the film be about? Who knows? But with FaZe Clan one of the most successful gaming and lifestyle organizations in the world, you just know that the movie will be popular.

“It’s his time and it’s our time,” Trink says in the release. “This is the moment where YouTube and Hollywood finally collide. Not only do we have an incredible team and thoughtful concept to take the leap from the smallest screen to the largest screen, FaZe Rug is also the perfect lead actor to kick it off.”

The film comes out this fall.

The FaZe projects don’t stop with ESports star FaZe Rug.

FaZe Clan’s newly launched FaZe Studios has formed for produce highly detailed content that targets Gen Z and millennials.

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