Major money will be part of the appeal of the organic Halo Championship Series

The Halo Championship Series is continuing to evolve, with the great news for fans including a payout that brings to mind a major lottery win. Halo’s overlord company, 343 Industries, has announced a massive US$3 million prize pool for the upcoming season, which gets underway on November 21 in multiple regions across the world. Factor in crowdfunding, and there’s a good chance that figure will balloon even higher.

Combatants will do HCS battle everywhere from Canada and the U.S. to Europe, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, and Puerto Rico.

In addition to regional pro series online competition there will be multiple online tournaments on Faceit. Seeding points will be awarded in those tournaments, enabling both professional teams and upstart rosters to compete in pro series action. Ranks will include pro, semi-pro, amateur elite, and amateur categories.

To ensure that official Halo competition continues to move forward in an organic way, the league will also include a HCS Grassroots program to bring the next generation of players online.

Action will be streamed on Twitch and YouTube. But for those longing for human contact there will also be a total of 8 in-person events in four global regions. On the big bang front, the Halo World Championship takes place October 20-23.

The holistic approach is something that Halo seems extra-focused. That means partnering with DreamHack in Europe, ESL in Australia and New Zealand, and Gaming Partners in Mexico.

In announcing those partnerships, 343 said:

“As we’ve said many times in the past, tournament operators and their business in Halo are a tremendous part of what we believe makes for a long term and sustainable ecosystem. At the same time, Halo esports has a global community of all different shapes and sizes, as well as various needs and characteristics that are endemic to that region.

For example, the European scene and its players have different needs than those in Australia including things like number of countries, languages, culture, and history of the Halo community there. Additionally, each region is also at a different “stage” in its growth in Halo, with different amounts of players, viewers, Teams, and more.

“We have put a deep amount of thought and iteration into this part of the program, and we wanted to partner with tournament operators in these regions outside of North America so that they can “own a slice” of the ecosystem and really strive to invest in and support Halo fans for the long haul in a way that makes sense for their business.”

Major goodies to watch out for in the coming months include exclusive Twitch Drops. A Master Chief-inspired armor coating set is one of the exclusive cosmetics being rolled out.

For more information, including all sorts of new information on roadmaps, handbooks and code of conduct, and maps and modes, you can go here.

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