GearHead: Misfits and Tokyo Time collabo not what it might at first seem

Sorry "20 Eyes" fans, but you're out here on the street with no idea


Talk about confusing to the max to those—as Ice-T might says—who are out on the street with zero idea what time it is. Misfits Gaming Group has teamed up with Tokyo Time in a headwear deal. Let’s assume for a second that someone is coming into that announcement cold. When a random dude or dudette hears “Misfits and Tokyo Time” in the same sentence, they might think Jersey horror punk and the most futuristic city on planet Earth. Like, perhaps, something that finds the sweet spot between Battle Royale and Walk Among Us.

But because you’re smarter than the average futuristic punk, you, dear esports fans, are well aware what time it is. Despite what its name might lead you to believe, Tokyo Time is actually a British company. The Tokyo Time mandate? That would be creating Japanese-inspired headwear, which admittedly is cooler than English-tribute headwear. Honestly, the last thing anyone needs is another person in Bobby headgear or lager lout in an Oasis-vintage Kangol bucket hat.

As for Misfits Gaming Group, Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only have nothing to do with things. Misfits is a professional esports organization headquartered in Florida. The globally minded operation has teams in League of Legends European Championship (Misfits Gaming, Overwatch League (Florida Mayhem), and Call of Duty League (Florida Mutineers). Misfits also dabbles in Fortnite.

This particular union sees Tokyo Time become the official headwear provider for Misfits Gaming. The two enterprises will also work together to come off with spin-off merchandise.

Tokyo Time is no stranger to traditional bricks-and-mortar sports. In the past it has teamed with the British Basketball League, 24 Hour of Le Mans, and Italy’s Prema motorsports team.

This deal marks its foray into the booming world of esports, which has enjoyed a massive spike in popularity thanks to the ongoing global pandemic.

Predictably, both organizations are stoked to be in bed together.

Misfits vice-president of partnerships Vas Roberts said, “We’re excited to partner with an exciting new brand to create new products for our fans and players. Tokyo Time have partnered with exciting traditional sports leagues and we’re proud to be their first partner in esports.”

Tokyo Time CEO Paul Davison added, “Tokyo Time is absolutely thrilled to partner up with exciting Esports team Misfits Gaming. We are looking forward to producing some exciting collaborations that will excite fans over the next few years.”

Sorry, but those collabos will not include an straight-from-Shibuya anime version of the Fiend mascot loved by everyone from Henry Rollins to Kirk Hammett. But you can dare to dream about what the Misfits and Tokyo Time future holds.

The Tokyo Time x Misfits Gaming collection is now online at and the Tokyo Time shop.

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