Nadeshot steps up to put out a public-relations fire sparked by Activision

Sometimes things are more complicated than they look from the sidelines.

Sometimes the best thing one can do when things blow up from a minor deal into a major event is to step forward and clear the air. To that end, Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag has taken to Twitter to address what’s been seen as an ugly skirmish between his 100 Thieves organization and games developer Activision.

First a quick recap. 100 Thieves had made plans to stage a Gamers for Equality charity tournament centred around Activision’s Warzone. The event was supposed to run for four weeks, from June into July.

This morning, Activision served notice to the high-profile ESports gaming and lifestyle organization that it didn’t want it using Warzone.

100 Thieves promptly tweeted the following:

“Unfortunately, Activision has denied our request to use Warzone for this charity tournament so we’ll need to postpone Gamers for Equality. We hope to still host this tournament and are working to find alternative solutions.”

Gamers for Equality had hoped to raise money for charity organizations dedicated to advancing racial equality and working to forward systemic change.

100 Thieves had pledged $100,000 to the cause. The organization had hoped to raise more through donations from fans who would have tuned into the tournament.

Needless to say, on the PR front, that doesn’t exactly look great for Activision.

Still, it’s Nadeshot who has stepped forward to throw water on the fire. Haag noted that he totally respects and understands Activision’s decision to deny use of the game.

One of Activision’s major concerns? That the tournament would have been used to raise money for the 100 Thieves’ CashApp venture, part of the organization’s new Los Angeles compound.

Watch the whole explanation here. And then put down your pitchforks.

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