NBA star Ben Simmons joins FaZe Clan as a celebrity investor


FaZe Clan

If you’re an NBA fan, you might know him as Ben Simmons, but you can call him FaZe Simmo now.

The Philadelphia 76ers power forward is officially a member of FaZe Clan now. The Australian-American basketball star is the latest celebrity investor to enter the ESports sphere.

Simmons clearly has more than just a financial interest in gaming, though. Under the Twitch handle SimmoTheSavage25, he sometimes streams his Call of Duty: Modern Warfare gameplay.

“Gaming is an important part of my life, and so it was a natural progression to personally invest in this industry,” Simmons said in a statement. “FaZe Clan represents the pinnacle of the gaming culture, and I am really looking forward to connecting with new fans around the globe.”

His connection with FaZe Clan is not a new one, mind you. Simmons has been associated with the organization before. He even appeared with FaZe Clan co-founder Thomas “Temperrr” Oliveira on Slam magazine’s first digital cover.

The accompanying article quotes Simmons, in conversation with Temperrr. “I don’t really try to do everything, in terms of who I am as a brand, but the one thing that has always come back to me that I’ve enjoyed and wanted to find out more about is gaming,” the NBA star says. “Obviously when we started talking, that was one of the things I was so interested in. Building off that and seeing where it could go—connecting, talking more, and meeting everybody in the FaZe house. That felt like a family. It felt like home. I could relate to you guys. It wasn’t like a weird thing, which was cool.” 

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