New all-in-one Repeat platform a big boon to organizers of esports tournaments

Imagine not only having a brilliant idea for one of the world’s greatest-ever esports tournaments, but also a one-stop platform for which to launch things. And then thank the heavens that’s just become a reality thanks to a new all-in-one Repeat initiative. The company has set up an esports tournament platform that makes it possible for participants from around the globe to compete for cash prizes.

The platform not only makes it simple for brands to launch and run campaigns, but also glean insights into ROI, user engagement and campaign performance.

Repeat is no stranger to the business. To date it has served as host for over 75,000 tournaments, lending its support to players who’ve participated in upwards of 60 million games. The company’s user base grew a whopping 550 percent in the last quarter of 2020.

Those games take place in the worlds of Fortnite, COD:WZ, Dota 2, and League of Legends

In announcing the new all-in-one Repeat initiative, the company noted that esports tournaments are an excellent way to engage with gamers. One of the biggest benefits is they build brand loyalty. The downside is that those tournaments are monumentally time-consuming to set up, an added problem being that engagement begins to plummet once players are eliminated from play.

Repeat platform has many benefits!

Here, in the words of Repeat, are the benefits of the new platform:

  • Technology infrastructure to scale tournaments to millions of players, instantly; other platforms max out at just over a hundred
  • Asynchronous “always-on” tournaments of a week or more that engage players to check in multiple times daily to see their rankings and maintains consistent engagement for the full campaign lifecycle
  • Sophisticated analytics and performance management tools, including geo-targeting, legal support for targeting players under 18 and ability to set age restrictions, A/B testing, and social integrations with the top sharing platforms
  • Custom entry conditions to increase brand engagement, including app downloads or browser extension installations, survey completion, product purchase, cash entry fee, and more
  • Low-bandwidth investment with only a few hours of set up on the brand side and minimal staff time to maintain the campaign; Repeat’s technology automatically manages the tournament, including live tracking of rankings and fulfillment of cash or other prize types

In a news release Repeat CEO Aaron Fletcher said the platform will help brands run campaigns quickly with a minimal drain on resources.

“A single campaign with Repeat can generate results that would take 200+ tournaments to achieve elsewhere,” he said. “Our unique ability to measure success with tangible data and brand outcomes is also an important step to bringing more accountability to esports partnerships.”

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