Riot Games announces a new League of Legends Esports name as part of rebranding

Sometimes it's better to think globally with League of Legends Esports.


Riot Games has a new umbrella term called League of Legends Esports. Moving forward, all LoL leagues will be grouped under the name as part of a rebranding. All 12 regional leagues are now under the same catch-all name.

There is other news as well. To generate interest in League of Legends Esports, get ready to tune into a top-plays-of-the-week show each Wednesday on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Also, that’s not the only thing to look forward to each week.

League of Legends Esports!

Each Tuesday there is going to be a highlights show on all the aforementioned platforms. And for those who enjoy listening to people talk about ESports, casters will review action from around the leagues every second Thursday.

The goal of the announcement is to clear up confusion as to who is doing what in LoL play around the world. Think of it as a global approach.

Thinking globally with new name!

Do you normally pay attention to what is going on in leagues other than the ones that are in your own backyard? Maybe not. But with all leagues under one roof, it’s now easier to look at League of Legends as one organic whole. Not only that, but there is also a new logo for League of Legends.

A possible way to explain the rebranding is to look at viewership habits during COVID-19. The world continues to be in some form of lockdown. As a result, people needs things to do.

One of the things they are doing is watching LoL. Riot says that viewership in the regions of China, South Korea, North America, and Europe have jumped almost 130 percent. Stats show that LoL fans continue to watch competition taking place abroad.

For example, that means Korean fans watch matches in Europe.

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