Not3s makes esports history by signing with Fnatic

Some people are more influential than others



If the success of a man is measured by his social media numbers, then Fnatic just landed a megastar. The London-based esports and lifestyle organization has announced an influencer deal with British MC Lukman “Not3s” Odunaike.

You know how that works—the rapper gets paid an undisclosed, but no doubt substantial, chunk of money to post, retweet, and like all things Fnatic on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Myspace, Pinterest, Google Plus, Yik Yak, Friendster, and iTunes Ping.

In return, Fnatic is seen as just a little cooler by Not3s legion of disciples. The 22-year-old hip-hop upstart has 533,000 on Instagram, and close to 122,000 on Twitter.

What’s interesting about the signing is that breaks new ground. Not3s is the first rapper to be recruited as an frontlines influencer by an esports organization.

In announcing the deal, Fnatic called the partnership part of a “Larger mission to continue pushing the boundaries of the gaming and esports sector as it enters mainstream culture.”

As for Not3s, he’s not only looking to a new and steady paycheque, but also to embrace a new creative avenue.

Not3s bringing worlds together!

In the same release he said, “As an artist and creator, I’m always looking for things that nobody has done before. I’m thrilled to join Fnatic, because of the sense of community I feel from the organization, the players and from their fans. I look forward to bringing the worlds of music and gaming even closer together.”

In other words, watch for him to expose Fnatic’s Fortnite and Call of Duty teams to a whole new audience.

The idea of organization using influencers to make inroads with those outside of the traditional esports world isn’t new. Recall if you will future basketball star Lebron James Jr. hooking up with FaZe clan, helping reconfirm the Los Angeles juggernaut as one of the most celebrated and successful esports organizations on the planet. U.K. startup Guild Esports has used soccer God David Beckham to achieve lift-off with investors. And 23-year-old English actor Asa Butterfield is an official influencer for the Netherland’s-spawned Team Liquid.

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