Organizing an online esports tournament has gotten a little easier


Recognizing that not everyone sitting in front of a gaming console can be Johan Sundstein, Anathan Pham, or Jesse Vainikka, Facebook has launched an initiative to connect the rest of us.

This month, the social networking monolith announced the release of Facebook Tournaments.

Designed as a one-stop destination for both tournament organizers and amateur-level participants, the goal is to make it easier for gamers from all corners of the online world to come together at one hub.

Originally intended to make organizing live eSports tournaments easier, Facebook Tournaments was rejigged for the online community in the wake of the worldwide COVID-19 lockdown.

In announcing the early rollout, Facebook released this mission statement: “Gaming is all about friendly competition, and Facebook Gaming tournaments help bring that experience to everyone wherever they are, whatever game they’re playing.”

The feature makes it easier for parties to organize and invite players to a single-elimination, double-elimination, or round-robin event, as well as to coordinate registration, seeding, bracket management, and scoring.

Available platforms include the Android Facebook and iOS Facebook apps, as well as desktop and web browsers.

Over Twitter, Facebook noted that there will be bugs to work out, and that all feedback is encouraged. It also suggested that there’s nothing wrong with spending sunny days gaming, mostly because it’s making everyone safer.

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