Overwatch League 2021 season preview Part 1: Atlanta Reign


Yesterday marked the first unofficial day of the 2021 OWL season as Jon Spector (of the Overwatch team) explained the format of the coming year.  When we start in April, we will be continuing with the COVID-19 friendly procedures until it is safe to return to LAN-based gaming. 

This will also split the OWL into two regions, just like the end of last year: East and West. They have also moved into a “Tournament Format” sort of like the CS:GO or Dota 2 Majors.

Now that we know what to expect in the coming year, we have to figure out who we can expect to play for each team. During the offseason, many teams have made extremely interesting moves, both laterally and vertically in the hope of finding that edge that they didn’t have the last time round.

Over the next few weeks we want to give you a sneak preview of who you can expect to compete for each team, where you might know them from and where your favorite pros went!

Atlanta Reign

The Atlanta Reign, during their first season in OWL were my breakout team, and my absolutely favorite team (not in the least bit due to their superstar DPS Dafran), and they were a crowd favorite, even when Dafran left to make room for babybay (who then also retired to play Valorant).

Lets take a look at their 2021 roster:

So if we look at the team, and the date when they joined, the Atlanta Reign have only picked up a single player in the off season; Pelican, a Korean DPS player formerly on O2 Blast from Korean Contenders. While the signature Sombra player performed well during the OC 2020 Season 1: Korea, taking first place with his team, O2 Blast stumbled some in the later half of 2020, only taking 5/6th place in the same event Season 2.

Having said this, the Atlanta Reign did also pick up Lr1s (meant to be “Iris”) just before the end of the 2020 season, to fill the support slot. It should be noted that Iris did play some of the final matches of the 2020 season but in my opinion did not perform up to his level, possibly due to some integration issues within the team. 

In my honest opinion, I believe that Atlanta will sit around the mid of teams in the West region. They’ve got a consistent roster but I don’t see those “pop off players” that we hope for in each team.

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