Overwatch League 2021 season preview Part 2: Boston Uprising


Last week I looked at the Overwatch League’s Atlanta Reign. The second team in the Western Region I’ll discuss is the Boston Uprising. I think it’s finally time for people to realize that Boston will never be the best ranked team in the OWL. 

Look, its true that they have an amazing infrastructure, and are extremely well organized, but they never seem to hit their stride. Rather, it seems that Boston is only good at making deals for their players and coaches. They had the winning tools; they had the players and coaches who could claim championships. Guys like now two-time champion Crusty, DPS gods like Striker, and tanks like Gamsu.

Let’s take a look at their current roster.

During this offseason Boston has made three really interesting pickups.  First, they brought back im37, the man with the fastest “path to pro” run, just 21 days. It’s an interesting pickup that I’m a little confused about. 

The team’s other DPS pickup is the legendary French player SoOn. The reason I’m confused is that both SoOn and im37 play extremely similar roles, mainly focusing on McCree, Tracer, and Widowmaker. Either they are going to have them focus on different maps, or there might be something bigger in the making here.

Time will tell

Their third pickup was Stand1, the former main tank of Shanghai Dragons fame, who helped solidify the Dragons as a powerhouse in the East. And while I did state before that it’s an interesting pickup, I don’t think it is the best one for the team. They already have an insane main tank shot caller figure in Fusions, someone who has led the team to multiple match victories. Do they intend to field both, maybe on different maps? Or is Fusions going to take a backseat, maybe look to get traded? Time will only tell.

As any keen-eyed fan might have already noticed, Boston only has a single Support player in the current lineup. This, in the current ruleset of 2-2-2, means that they either are going to have to pick up a second Support player, or perhaps we might see one of the DPS players swap into the Support position. We have seen players like Kariv, an aimgod in his own right, become some of the deadliest support players we have ever seen. 

I truly look forward to seeing where this roster will go.

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