Overwatch League reveals plans for the 2020 Grand Finals

Teams will play in regional matches, with final battles taking place in South Korea.

The 2020 season of the Overwatch League has not played out the way that anyone expected. The original plan was for teams to play live events in their hometowns before fans, on the road to the Overwatch League Grand Finals.

COVID-19 meant the cancellation of live events. Instead, the Overwatch League made a move to online play.

A big question was how the season’s Overwatch League Grand Finals would take place. A challenge is that there are teams in the league around the world. In the world there are different time zones. That raises the question of how a team in Korea might compete against a team in North America in real-time play.

The Overwatch League has come up with a good solution to this problem.
As part of the path to the Grand Finals, teams will play in regional brackets.

Two teams will be declared the winners in each region.

Then things will start to resemble the world pre-COVID, with players getting on planes. North America’s winning teams will fly to South Korea where they will be quarantined for two weeks.

No screaming fans for Grand Finals!

In normal times the Overwatch League Grand Finals would take place in an arena. Those arenas would be packed with fans screaming support for their favourite teams.

That is not an option with COVID-19 restrictions. A lot of people packing into an arena means the virus could spread from one person to another.

As a result, the two North American teams will compete from a safe base in South Korea. And then the two Asian teams will also compete from a safe base in South Korea. All teams will be isolated.

The Grand Finals will take place sometime in September. We contine to wait for the actual date of play.

Vancouver and Toronto both have teams in the league. The Vancouver team calls itself the Vancouver Titans. The Toronto Overwatch League team calls itself Toronto Defiant.

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