Overwatch League star Bae “diem” Min-seong decides it’s time to walk away

Keith Richards would approve

An Overwatch giant has decided that it’s time to hang up his mouse, unplug his keyboard, and walk away from the digital arena for good. Overwatch League’s Bae “diem” Min-seong has announced his retirement. His reasons have everything to do with the fact that sometimes an obsession is fun until it’s not. And diem is lucky enough to realize that professional esports competition is no longer the thrill that it was once was.

Citing personal issues, and a very real need to step back and assess where he’s at in life, diem has said that he’s quitting Overwatch and putting in some personal healing time.

In a letter to fans he said, “I entered the public eye at a young age and although it hasn’t been smooth sailing the whole way, I still put up building blocks my way, and somehow I had managed to build them up a really high way.”

In other words, while he might have regrets, those are too few to mention. He wasn’t shy though about giving reasons for deciding it’s time to walk away from Overwatch.

In a YouTube post, Overwatch League’s Bae “diem” Min-seong continues his goodbye message to fans with “Of course, along the way my hands were hurt and I also came across people who would deliberately slander me. However, I still felt that everything was fun and I wasn’t afraid, so I persevered.”

At some point though the pressure of being one of Overwatch League’s all-time greats started to become too much.

“Just as I basking in this feeling and about to lift up another building block, I suddenly felt a wave of fear rush over me. I’d never felt this feeling before and I thought, if I kept building like this, what would happen if it all collapsed under me and I hurt myself? If I fell, then wouldn’t all my prior hard work disappear into thin air?”

As Keith Richards famously said in “Before They Make Me Run”, sometimes you have to go “I’d better walk before they make me run”.

Among the major accomplishments of diem are two All-Stars Widowmaker titles. And, of course, knowing when it’s not fun any more.

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