Panda rebrands just in time for holiday shopping


Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for too many reasons to list here. But if we had to come up with a shortlist, that would include making daily vats of Alton Brown eggnog, ordering Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer figurines off the Internet, and praying to the ghost of Gordie Howe things will get cold enough for outdoor ice-skating on Trout Lake. For esports organizations like Panda it’s for rebranding just in time for the gift-giving season. Get ready for a new Panda.

As of today, the American esports organization has a fresh look. That includes a new logo created by high-wattage New York branding and design group Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv. That company not only overhauled the Panda logo, but also revamped its merchandise and reimagined the organization’s uniforms.

On its website Panda described the new look as something that “not only encompasses who we are today, but who we will be ten years from now”. The company’s CEO Alan Bunney added that the design firm came up with a timeless image that will gives Panda an “identity in an industry that has not found itself”.

New Panda swag is for fans

The new swag is not only for players, but also fans. If you or someone on your shopping list falls into the latter category, you can pick up Panda goods on the company as of today.

On its website Panda described the thinking behind todays news as follows:

Arguably, the cornerstone of esports branding is the team’s uniform. Utilizing the creative guidelines put together by CGH, the Panda merchandising team designed the Panda Pro Jersey and Panda Pro Track Jacket — produced by our longtime partner, Meta Threads. Geometric and bold, the 2021 jersey embodies black and white color blocking accented with the distinctive “Panda” green highlights; while the track jacket shows-off the double hexagon panda head logo partnered with the subtle bamboo watercolor style background. The Panda Pro Uniform sets the benchmark for fashion and function in Esports.”

Get ready for a new Panda, and get shopping. And thank Panda for making things a little easier for you this holiday season.

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