PGL makes it clear that you need a jab to take part in LAN events for 2022

Either get the jab or accept the fact that you won’t be playing in LAN esports events organized by Romania-based heavyweight PGL. That also goes for those hoping to attend tournaments in person. And we’re not just talking about events for the next three and a half months of 2021, but instead all of 2022.

It’s not like PGL is some sort of lightweight organization. In the past the company has coordinated major tournaments in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, FIFA’S Global Series, and Asia-based majors for DOTA 2.

Next month PGL will oversee an October 26 to November 7 return to action for CS:GO with the first major since Germany 2019. The US$2 million tournament will take place in Stockholm, Sweden, but there was plenty of drama leading up to the decision to proceed. With Swedish health officials concerned about an influx of foreign players, and their potential to bring COVID-19 cases into the country, travel restrictions were announced, As a result, plans were being made to relocate the tournament to another locale.

The decision to move forward was made when Sweden decided to waive restrictions for esports athletes who were able to show a negative COVID-19 test.

Getting into Sweden is one thing. Getting into a physical seat at a PGL event is another. Anyone hoping to either play or watch in a LAN tournament overseen by the organization will have to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19. This , according to Romania-based heavyweight PGL, goes for all 2022 events.

In a Twitter statement., PGL president Silviu Stroie said, “I firmly believe the only way to bring back massive LAN esports events is to require complete vaccination of attending players, talent, staff, spectators. We will make this a requirement for all upcoming PGL events in 2022.”  

So, you know, get the jab. Or accept the fact that the only place you’ll be participating in any PGL tournament is sitting in front of your computer. 

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