PlayStation 5 is now the official console of choice for NBA 2K League

As every hard-core fan of professional sports knows, sponsorships are a big deal. That’s why Tiger Woods and Nike go together like peanut butter and chocolate—as sure as Reese’s most iconic candy is delicious, you can’t think of one without thinking of the other. That makes a multi-year partnership between the NBA 2K and Sony PlayStation 5 a very big deal.

The23-team esports league has named the PS5 as its official gaming console. That’s great news for hoops purists who not only own a PlayStation 5, but also won’t leave the house without Kevin Durant Nike shoes on their feet and Steph Curry Under Armour on their back. The best way to show that you’re all in is to use what the pros use.

As for Xbox, PC, and Commodore64 owners, you might want to think about the platform you choose to play the wildly popular NBA 2K game on.

The exclusive NBA 2K and Sony PlayStation 5 deal with a major esports organization is a first for the gaming-console manufacturer.

In announcing the partnership, NBA 2K president Brendan Donohue said “NBA 2K League players are the best in the world at what they do, so it’s only fitting that they compete on the best gaming equipment in the world. PlayStation is a long-standing global leader in interactive entertainment, and we are thrilled to be able to leverage their gaming expertise and technology to create the optimal experience for NBA 2K League players and fans.”

Custom content coming for fans!

The deal will see the two esports organizations team up to create custom content for NBA 2K league broadcasts. Once this whole pandemic mess is all over the league will also use the PlayStation Competition Center to host fan tournaments for players from across the globe.

Players who never leave the house without their vintage Air Jordan running shoes affixed to their feet, and an official Chicago Bulls jersey on their back. Because if that’s what Michael Jordan (who probably owns a PlayStation 5) wore, that’s what they’re wearing.

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