PUBG gives fans a window into what 2021 will look like


Nothing is certain in the world of PUBG, the game where there’s almost always someone better than you as soon as you get on the airplane. But at least we know where the wildly popular survival game is headed this year. PUBG’s 2021 roadmap was unveiled in a press conference today.

Game developer KRAFTON will stage four major global events this year. These will include the PUBG Continental Series 4 in June, and the PUBG Continental Series 5 in September. Both those will build on last year’s successful PUBG Continental Series (PCS).

Also watch for a PGI.S starting this week and ending in March, and a PUBG Global Championship taking place in November.

All events will be globally minded with players and teams participating in regional tournaments in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and South and North America. The goal? That would be a given region’s grand champion, which then punches a ticket to the PBG.

Other factors will affect qualification. Now that PUBG’s 2021 roadmap was unveiled we know that important points will be collected in PCS tournament play. Teams with the most points advance to the PGC.

In announcing the structure of the year ahead, KRAFTON said it will be placing a premium on keeping is fans, professional players, and global partners happy.

“The fan experience is a critical component of the program,” KRANTON noted, “which aims to create a convenient and interactive viewing experience. The pro player experience is equally important, with a focus on increasing prize pools and larger revenue sharing. Finally, global competition continues to be an important theme throughout 2021 as each competition will test the world’s best to compete against each other.”

Last year’s PCS played a huge role in helping to expand both engagement and viewership for fans of PUBG. It didn’t hurt viewership numbers that the global COVID-19 pandemic had people around the world locked down. Hours to kill in their house had them looking desperately for something to entertain them. And also to kill on the PUBG battleground.

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