PUBG Mobile announces an awards ceremony where fans will have the last Say

Sorry, but you can't vote for yourself.


As video games go, it’s been a success of epic proportions. PUBG’s crowning achievement? Some countries have banned the game for being too addictive, especially to kids.

Since its official release in December 2017, the battle royale-themed shooter has moved 70 million physical copies and racked up another 600 million downloads.

Now PUBG Mobile is getting an awards ceremony.

In a Twitter post, Tencent and PUBG Mobile announced an initiative that will allow fans to show their support for their favourite professional player. The key word there is professional, meaning the likes of RRQ D2E, BiuBiu, and BTR Zuxxy.

Sorry, you can’t vote for yourself. Not unless you’re pulling down something resembling a decent paycheque for not getting destroyed two seconds after hitting the ground and detaching your parachute. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been last man standing in every game played since March.

The words launching soon are also important. The PUBG Mobile Esports Awards 2020 ceremony has yet to set an actual date. Also to be revealed at some point in the future is the voting process, including which categories are on the ballot.

PUBG Mobile has maintained its status as one of the most popular games in the world this year. It offers up a prize pool of over US$5 million.

Season Zero for the PUBG Mobile World League has seen 40 teams from around the world divided into eastern and western regions. A world championship takes place later this year.

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