PUBG Mobile Global Championship goes big with a US$6 million prize pool

Already one of the most popular and competitive games on the esports landscape, PUBG is about to kick things up to the next level with its biggest and most prestigious event yet. The end of November will bring up the start of the 2021 PUBG Mobile Global Championship. Forty teams from countries across the planet will do battle for not only the honour of being number 1 in the game, but also a massive prize pool.

A whopping US$6 million will be up for grabs, making it the most lucrative competition in the history of PUBG Mobile competition.

Game developer Tencent has suggested that initial plans are to have teams wage war over four weeks, with league play setting up the finals. That, however remains fluid and subject to change given the number of teams participating.

The League Stage will run from November 30 and then continue until December 24. After a short break from stalking, outwitting, and killing, teams will reconvene for the finals of PMGC 2021 in the middle of next January.

Initial slots in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship will be filled from China, where a high-profile Peacekeeper Elite Championship was cancelled earlier this year. Hard-core fans of PUBG know that Peacekeeper Elite is basically a Chinese version of PUBG Mobile. The PEC was one of the many esports casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic this year—because of health concerts of both players and fans it was cancelled this past summer.

The good news is that three teams from the PEC get an automatic ticket to the PMGC.

As for the rest of the field, PUBG squads will do battle in Pro Leagues in countries around the world, after which invites will be extended after results are weighed through a PMGC points system. Factoring in will be the total number of points accumulated by teams in two seasons of PMPL (League Stage and Finals). There are 12 regions with PUBG Mobile Pro Leagues, and one team from each of those leagues will get an instant ticket to PMGC based on their accumulated points.

Also getting an invitation to the scariest plane ride in gaming will be SEA, South Asia Middle East, European, and American PUBG Mobile league stage and finals championship teams.

Squads that have already qualified include the Infinity (Thailand), A7 Esports (Brazil), Genesis Dogma (Indonesia), and D’Xavier (Vietnam).

The jury remains out as to whether play will take place on line or whether it will be a LAN event. Whichever way things unfold, good luck to all as far as getting out of the parking lot goes.

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