Rambo ready to do some major damage in the world of Call of Duty

Also Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

Rambo. Photo By Yoni S.Hamenahem/Wikimedia Commonds

One minute John James Rambo is running around the forests surrounding Hope in beautiful British Columbia. The next he’s ready to start kicking digital butt in the video world of esports. Always admired a man who uses violence and unfiltered aggression to solve his problems? Well then get ready to be thrilled at the news that Rambo and Call of Duty are now very much becoming a thing.

On May 20, everyone’s favourite PTSD-afflicted Vietnam war veteran will be available to play in both Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. Fans of the gloriously hyper-violent Rambo series will be thrilled to note that he’s not only locked and loaded on the major-league modern weaponry front, but will also be bringing his bow. Here, watch!

Tapping iconic Hollywood characters isn’t new for Call of Duty. Recall how last Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre butcher Leatherface popped up in Warzone. He wasn’t alone. Jigsaw from Saw also landed in the game to add a horrifying flair to things.

Rambo is of course a killing machine of a more conventional kind. His first big-screen appearance came in 1981’s First Blood, when he strolled into a small rural town in Washington State to catch up with a fellow Vietnam War Green Beret. His friend was dead thanks to Agent Orange, but the town sheriff wasn’t exactly handing out Kleenex, instead arresting Rambo for vagrancy. And also having long hair and an aversion to showering and an affinity for muscle shirts.

(As trivia fans know Hope stood in for the Washington town. Which explains why, today, there’s a giant Rambo statue in the middle of Hope.)

The harassment from the sheriff triggered PTSD in Rambo, taking the vet back to being tortured by the North Vietnamese.

Call of Duty disciples who are also fans of ’80s action icons won’t have to be satisfied with one of Sylvester Stallone’s most famous characters. Watch for Die Hard’s John McClane to swing into action from an office tower sometime in the coming months. (Maybe Christmas? Because we all know that Die Hard is a Christmas movie).

Rambo and Call of Duty. Det. McClane and Call of Duty. Throw Arnold Schwarzenegger into the mix and we might have the most ’80s video-game experience. Taking, that is, Donkey Kong, Galaga, and Space Invaders out of the equation.

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