Razer’s Kanagawa Wave Collection makes it easy to look like garbage

“You look like garbage.” We’ve all heard that. And there’s no point trying to deny it a year-and-a-bit into the global COVID-19 pandemic. When you have no reason to look presentable, and even less incentive to leave the house, you’re going to end up looking like something the cat dragged in. But what if you could look like trash while doing something great for the world. Enter Razer’s Kanagawa Wave Collection.

The California gaming-lifestyle company is getting to roll out a line that includes shorts, T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, and hats, with the prices ranging from $50 US to $150. And here’s both the best, and the worst, thing: said clothing is made out of garbage.

We know what you’re thinking, namely that Lady Gaga’s meat-dress designer is somehow involved. But wrong.

Razer’s Kanagawa Wave Collection incorporates fabric made from marine plastic that’s been reclaimed from our beleaguered oceans. Think bottle caps, plastic bottles, plastic bags, and various plastic containers pitched overboard or left on the beach, or dumped into a river.

The good news then is that something is being done with the trash that’s killing ocean creatures while destroying what might be our most valuable ecosystem. The bad news is that we’ve spent decades treating our oceans like a combination landfill/toilet, which is why there are entire sprawling island-size masses of plastic floating in the Pacific and elsewhere.

But back to the good news. Money raised from the Kanagawa Wave Collection will go back to cleaning up the planet’s oceans. For every piece of merch sold one kilogram of marine plastic will be removed from the sea.

As Razer puts it, the company is one a mission to “engage and galvanize the community to help preserve nature and ensure the world remains an arena we can all continue to play in.”

What does the collection look like?!

The last question that needs to be answered here is what exactly does the Kanagawa Wave Collection look like. In what won’t surprise Razer fans, start with neon-green. Then imagine a riff on The Great Wave, a mondo-famous woodblock print by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai.

In the original, a huge wave is depicted crashing down onto the shores of Sagami Bay. In this version, the wave and the sea around it is studded with soda bottles, straws, jerry cans, motor oil containers and more.

What the hell is wrong with us? Just because we look like trash is no reason to behave like human garbage.

Watch Razer’s Kanagawa Wave Collection to hit the interwebs at 7 p.m. PST on April 7.

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