Red Bull Solo Q competition give League of Legends fans a reason to pop a top

We don't judge you for drinking Tim Horton's.

One of the funny things about Red Bull is how you’ll be judged by folks who think nothing of drinking six cups of Tim Horton’s before noon. For some, the carbonated beverage is pure go-go juice with pleasant notes of lime and tangerine. And for others it’s the devil’s soda pop. You can guess which side of the ledger we’re on. So we couldn’t be more excited about the return of the North American League of Legends Red Bull Solo Q competition.

Last year saw more than 80,000 esports players take to the battlefield in the hopes of walking home with either prizes or, for bragging rights, the Red Bull Solo Q trophy. Those prizes may or may not have included Red Bull clothing, a Red Bull Fridge, Red Bull for life, and one of those Austin Minis with a giant Red Bull can affixed to the roof.

The rules for this event will be similar to last year’s. One-on-one matches will have players competing on Summoner’s Rift top lane. Advance in a number of ways: get a kill after seven minutes; destroy your competitors outer turret; get two kills in under seven minutes; or pile up a 100-minion creep score.

Canadians and Americans can play!

Both Canadians and Americans can sign up for the 2021 edition of Red Bull Solo Q. With America well ahead of the Great White North on the COVID-19 vaccination front, there’s a good chance that regional qualifiers south of the border might take place in person. As far as Canada goes, all qualifiers will be taking place online.

The League of Legends Red Bull Solo Q competition will kick off on May 29. Registration is now open for all who think they’ve got what it takes to waltz home with the event’s trophy. Or who dream of scoring enough Red Bull for free to refloat the Titanic.

Don’t judge others for drinking the king of energy drinks, especially if they know you by name at your local Starbucks.

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