Riot makes its latest effort to change the face of esports with LCS Game Changers

Get ready for a new wave of stars

Earlier this year developer Riot Games launched an initiative called VALORANT Champions Tour Game Changers. The goal was to make the esports world a more inclusive one by turning the spotlight on women and marginalized genders. That goal continues manifesting itself this late summer with LCS Game Changers, in which both amateur and professional League of Legends teams will spend a week scouting top young female players.

For those dreaming of getting the attention they so obviously deserve, the application process starts today, August 24. The LCS Game Changers team will have completed its list of players to watch by September 3, with the official festivities kicking off September 27.

Riot breaks down the initiative as follows:

  • 10 highly-skilled women will be selected to field 2 teams
  • Over 2 weeks, these players will experience “life as a pro”, playing daily scrimmages
  • Through positional coaching, analyst VOD reviews, and expert panels, players will gain key pro-level skills
  • At the end of the program, the teams compete in a best of 5 match
  • The supercharged participants are able to demonstrate their skills and abilities while also building professional connections
  • Players must be at least 13 years of age or older, a resident of either the U.S.A. or Canada, and have to be able to commit two weeks of their time to the event.

In a press release, Riot said that providing a safe environment for underrepresented groups is a key goal of the LCS Game Changers initiative. As a result, to ensure the privacy of participating esports athletes, the event will not be broadcast live.

Riot explained things as follows: “LCS Game Changers is a program to support women who are high ELO League of Legends players and work to transition them into our amateur and professional leagues. We understand this process can be daunting to do alone, and we’re excited to host this event that will act both as a training and scouting ground to provide women with more paths into the esports scene. We’ll be selecting 10 women to participate in the program alongside various LCS coaches and staff who will train and mentor them throughout the two week period.”

Riot added: “This year we’ll be hosting a fully-remote event, jam packed with opportunities for our participants to level up. Throughout the program, players will be grouped into teams, where they will learn the fundamentals of becoming a pro, practice their skills, scrim against internal and external teams, and work with coaches and analysts to gain insight on how they can improve. Additionally, we’ll be hosting a variety of guest speakers, covering topics such as Life of a Pro and Mental Resilience, to better equip them to transition into the next step of their esports career.”

Interested players can submit an application to participate by going here.

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