Riot announces new look and new mottos for LCS rebrand

Get set for the purple reign!


Of all the early buzzwords of 2021, the most prevalent has been rebranding. Recall, if you can think that far back, to January 4 when Rogue got rid of its mascot’s orange hair and replaced it with orange eyes. Now Riot has overhauled the LCS, the news coming right before the launch of the 2021 season.

The reimagining includes not only a new logo, but also new catchy mottos for League of Legends’ North American operations .

First up, the most royal of all colours is now the official hue of the LCS. No less than Prince Rogers Nelson himself would approve of League of Legends going all-in on the colour purple.

LCS gets a new logo

The other part of the major switch up is the league’s logo, which reads out boldly, sleekly, and clearly LCS.

Now onto to the official mottos. To truly understand their importance, let’s play a quick game. What do you think of when you hear the three words “Just Do It”? Or “The Breakfast of Champions”? Or “Where’s the beef”? Yes, sometimes simple is the most effective.

To that end, Riot has come up with two new slogans for LCS: “Made by Many” and “All for the game.”

Announcing the news that Riot has overhauled the LCS with a promo video, Riot made sure to focus on the new blood in the LCS. Those who follow the league know that two major players— Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg and Yiliang “Peter” “Doublelift” Peng—walked away from League of Legends last year.

That’s opened the doors for a new crop of players. And the LCS will be rich with them for the 2021 season, with teams pillaging colleges and turning to scouting grounds for up-and-coming talent. Included among them will be Edward ‘Tactical’ Ra, Victor “FBI” Huang, and Mingyi ‘Spica’ Yu.

Fans will get an official look at the new era when the LCS roars back on January 15 with its Lock In tournament.

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