Rockstar Energy and 100 Thieves are a match made in esports heaven


Nadeshot/100 Thieves

We should have known something was up. You may have noticed that 100 Thieves founder and CEO Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag showed up in a Rockstar Energy Drink ad a few weeks ago.

Not just any old ad, mind you. Nope, the big-budget starred multiplatinum rap superstar Lil Baby and aired during the Super Bowl.

That’s pretty high-profile placement, and Nadeshot wasn’t just a random choice, as it turns out.

Today, Rockstar announced a new partnership with 100 Thieves. With the one-year partnership, Rockstar aims to further “its immersion into the gaming world and alignment with cultural leaders”.

Esports Observer reports that “Nadeshot and the wider 100 Thieves team will become primary faces for Rockstar Energy in 2021.” According to the drink company, this deal is aimed at “delivering original social content and interactive experiences to inspire gamers to reach their next level”.

We don’t know any of the financial details. Make no mistake abut it, this is big business. Last year, Forbes reported that 100 Thieves, valued at US$190 million, was the fifth most valuable esports company in the world. As for Rockstar, last march PepsiCo announced it had agreed to acquire the company for a cool US$3.85 billion.

And so it begins…

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