Rogue unveils a new look to kick off the year 2021



Every new year is seen as a chance for a fresh start. Lord knows we’ve all never needed one more after 2020. Maybe you start going to the gym at least once a month, or stop spreading bacon fat on buttered Nutella toast, or refrain from kicking off happy hour at 1 a.m. each day while still in your pajamas. How fitting then that Rogue has rebranded itself to kick off 2021. If you’re going to mix things up, now is the time to do so.

The visual tweaks unveiled by the North American esports organization include a sleeker logo that’s heavy on blacks and dark blues. And tweaks are indeed the best way to describe the new leak. Rogue chose not to completely abandon a past that’s resonated with fans, but instead refine it.

As such, the logo is still unmistakably Rogue’s. One difference is the wisps of orange-blonde hair that previously pocked out from under the hoodie are gone. The eyes of the Rogue mascot are now orange, giving things a decidedly sinister feel.

The news that Rogue has rebranded comes in advance of the upcoming League of Legends season. The organization owned by ReKTGlobal also operates teams in Apex Legends, Rocket League, and Rainbow Six Siege. Those who’ve invested in the company include EDM superstars Steve Aoki and Nicky Romero.

Rogue decision not made lightly

In announcing the redesign in a press release, ReKTGlobal vice-president Anna Baumann suggested that the move to overhaul things wasn’t made lightly. The company was, however, looking to keep the excitement level high among fans after a highly successful 2020 LEC season. That season included a first-place finish in the Summer Split.

“With the momentum we gained over the past year, we felt like this was the right time to reimagine the Rogue brand,” Baumann said. “This process was both exciting and terrifying. We know how deep the passion and love for our brand runs in our fans, so we worked hard to keep the essence of the Rogue logo, while modernizing it.”

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