Scenes from a mall: Epic to turn shopping centre into its new HQ


Just another day at the Epic Games campus.

They say that when there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.

Actually, that’s a line from the movie Dawn of the Dead. In George A. Romero’s 1979 zombie flick, the dead do indeed walk the earth, eventually overrunning a shopping mall. It was either some sort of biting commentary on consumerism or an excuse for big-screen gore. Possibly both.

In case you’re wondering what this has to do with video gaming or esports, we just learned that, like those zombies, Epic Games is planning to take over a mall. Presumably because there was no more room in hell. By which we mean their old offices.

No, really. It’s true. The Fortnite publisher announced its plans yesterday. The mall in question is the 980,000-square-foot and 87-acre Cary Towne Center, located in Cary, North Carolina. Epic intends to convert the property into its new campus by 2024.

“The facilities will include both office buildings and recreational spaces, allowing Epic the flexibility to create a campus customized from the ground up to accommodate its long-term growth,” according to a statement from the company.

Bring on the zombies!

Lest anyone need a reminder, zombies have been known to pop up in Fortnite from time to time. And sometimes they are even shown overrunning abandoned retail franchises and fast-food outlets. Could a full-on Dawn of the Dead crossover be on the horizon? Here’s hoping!

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