Sex Education actor Asa Butterfield joins Team Liquid


Netflix/Team Liquid

In reporting the fact that Asa Butterfield has joined Team Liquid, I will resist making a joke about the world of esports could use a little sex education. I will also refrain from attempting to make a play on words conflating Team Liquid with nocturnal emissions.

Those would be very easy things to do, considering that Butterfield is best known for playing amateur sex therapist Otis on Sex Education. (The Netflix series also stars Gillian Anderson as Otis’s mom, who is an actual professional sex therapist.)

The Netherlands-based esports organization Team Liquid took to Twitter earlier this week to welcome Butterfield aboard. “We’re happy to have you on board, and look forward to seeing what you accomplish next. (also if we ever need a sub for dota or smash, you’re getting a call)”

Content creator role likely

That tweet is vague and doesn’t spell out Butterfield’s exact role. It does, however, seem to indicate that he won’t be joining any of Liquid’s active teams. More likely, the actor will be a celebrity spokesperson or content creator for the long-running organization, which turned 20 this year.

Butterfield does have a Twitch channel. Although there isn’t a whole lot of content on it at the moment, a fan has uploaded some of Butterfield’s old streams to YouTube. Here, for example, is Butterfield playing Super Smash Bros.:

So, yes, the guy is a bona fide gamer. And let’s not forget, too, that he starred in Ender’s Game, which revolved around virtual-reality combat simulators and computerized “mind games”.

Actually, now that I think about it, maybe you should forget he was in that stinker.

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