Shanghai Dragon LIP learns there’s such a thing as going too far with trash-talking

As traditions go, it’s one of the most time-honoured in sports: trash-talking. It’s not just a game, it’s an art-form, practiced to perfection from athletes that range from former Vancouver Canuck Alex Burrows to boxing legend Muhammad Ali to MMA fighter Conor McGregor to basketball great Larry Bird. But there’s such as thing as crossing a line. Shanghai Dragon LIP crossed that line two days ago in the Overwatch League playoffs.

The incident in question came after a Shanghai Dragons win against the Los Angeles Gladiators. While in the heat of battle, LIP, in Korean, called the Gladiators “loser bitches”, a term that’s used to disparage those with intellectual challenges in his home country.

It didn’t take long for those watching to condemn LIP, and, more importantly for the player to step up an apologize. He posted a Tweet that was translated by @swingchip930 as follows: “I apologize to everyone uncomfortable with my inappropriate choice of words, as well as the audience watching our match against the Glads. I have apologized separately to the individual. I will be cautious about my words and actions in the future. I’m sorry.”

The Shanghai Dragons, meanwhile, took to Twitter to express regret over the fact Shanghai Dragon LIP crossed that line, and to suggest that the team is working to make sure that such trash-talking remains tasteful in the future.

“While in the match with the Los Angeles Gladiators, Shanghai Dragons player LIP used inappropriate language in the team’s voice chat during a segment that was broadcasted. The team has internally communicated with LIP after the match and issued a serious warning to him, instructing him to apologize to the opposing players as soon as possible,” the Tweet reads. “LIP has already deeply realized the improprieties and expressed his apologies to the players of Los Angeles Gladiators. Shanghai Dragons is taking responsibility and we apologize for the incident and its adverse affects. We will strictly discipline the players and continue to prepare for our upcoming matches. Thank you for your support and understanding!”

Hopefully in the future LIP will realize that there’s trash-talking, and then there’s tasteful trash-talking. For proof of that, look no further than Burrows making Aaron Downey so enraged during a pre-game warm-up that the Detroit Red Wing speared him in anger. The comment that did the damage?

“I was complimenting him on his potato farm saying he must like the french fries the best because he’s looking a little chubby,” Burrows told the Province at the time.


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