StarCraft II legend Yun “TaeJa” Young decides he’s through playing as a pro

The great ones know when it's time to go.

One of the giants in the StarCraft II world has decided that it’s time to hang up the keyboard. South Korea’s Yun “TaeJa” Young has decided that he’s done as a professional player in the game. This is the second time that 26-year-old has walked away, but this time it seems like it’s really for good.

The announcement was made by TaeJa’s former esports gaming and lifestyle organization Team Liquid. In a tweet, Team Liquid wrote “Today we say happy retirement to @LiquidTaeJa. Thank you for your time with us and for the unforgettable moments.”

That was expanded upon on the Team Liquid website with “TaeJa was one of the greatest pro gamers to ever play for Team Liquid.”

TaeJa spent seven years with the organization. His first stint ended in 2016 when he retired from StarCraft II for his mandatory service in the South Korean military. At that point he’d already established himself as an esports superstar. He built on that legacy after returning to Team Liquid in 2018, his list of accomplishments including titles in MLG and DreamHack.

Esports players tend to retire much earlier than those who play in more traditional sports. In announcing his departure from StarCraft, TaeJa wrote this on the Team Liquid website:

“After Season 3 of GSL 2020, I had time to decide the future, And had decided to stop playing SC2 as professional gamer. It wasn’t an easy decision, I can feel I want to play more, but the circumstances aren’t good for me. I’m getting older, and my skill on SC2 wasn’t satisfied as my expectation, so I decided this. I received a lot of love from my fans during my pro gaming period.

Yun “Taeja” Young continued with,

“It is really sad and sorry to my fans, but there is no regret of this decision for me. It’s time to start a new chapter of my life, I’ll get this though with my experience and knowledge which I got it from my pro gaming life. I appreciate so much to my fans whose gave me much love more than i deserve, hopefully we can meet in the future again. Good Bye.”

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