Street Fighter celebrates a milestone while hinting the battling isn’t over

Street Fighter has rolled out a new anniversary logo to celebrate 35 years of brawling with punch and kick attacks. And not done there, game developer Capcom has also hinted that there will be future developments for a series that first took arcades by storm back in 1987.

The new logo features the word “Anniversary” featured prominently. In announcing it, Capcon U.S.A. Tweeted “Here comes a new anniversary! Cheers to 35 years of epic fights, fireballs and iconic rivalries.”

But it’s overseas where things have got interesting for one of the most iconic franchises in the history or esports.

Capcon Japan Tweeted: “Street Fighter will celebrate its 35th anniversary in 2022. We have created a logo to celebrate the 35th anniversary with our supporters. Please look forward to the future development of the Street Fighter series.”

Street Fighter has rolled numerous events for fans over the past decade. Notably, Street Fighter V was released for not only arcade play but also for PS4 and PC consoles. That was followed by Street Fighter V: Champion Edition in 2020.

Whether this means that development has started on Street Fighter VI remains to be seen. In the meantime feel free to drift back to a time when bricks-and-mortar arcades were part of every suburban mall, Z28s were the muscle car of choice, and Rya and Ken Masters were the coolest twosome this side of Batman and Robin.

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