Super Mario 3D World and Bowser’s Fury provide fine family fun on Nintendo’s Switch

Bowser's Fury

Nintendo’s a smart company, and over the past year has been making bank out of re-releasing games that were created for the not-very-popular Wii U for the extremely successful Switch.

The latest port is Super Mario 3D World, which is even more appealing because it has been released along with a new three-dimensional platformer, Bowser’s Fury, that puts Mario in a land of cats.

The pair of games have been on regular rotation in my household. My kids and I have been taking advantage of the multiplayer possibilities to have lots of fun. 

Super Mario 3D World may be a few years old—it was released in 2013—but like so many of Nintendo’s other Mario games, it holds up nicely, thank you very much. 

It’s a free roaming world in which up to four people play together at the same time as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad. Each of the characters has a special talent. Mario is well rounded, Luigi can jump higher, Peach can float, and Toad has a speed dash manouevre.

The Switch edition allows for online multiplayer. Roaming around the world with friends to enter the various levels is the best way to play. It’s riotous when everyone puts on their cat suit and starts climbing the walls. 

A world of cat-like creatures

Bowser’s Fury takes the cat theme to a new level, as the game is set in a world of cat-like creatures. They can’t actually be cats, we’ve decided, because this world is also a bunch of islands in Lake Lapcat, and we all know cats hate water. 

But the water theme means that we get to ride Plessie, the friendly plesiosaur, which my son enjoyed very much. 

Mario is accompanied by Bowser Jr in this, and a second player can take control of him, using his paintbrush to smack enemies. It’s really a sidekick role, though, as opposed to a true multiplayer experience. 

The Lake Lapcat area is an open world, and your job is to explore themed islands to collect cat symbols: cat shines. If you take too long wandering around, Bowser has a tantrum which causes a storm with falling rocks and spouts of lava. 

After you’ve collected a requisite number of cat shines, you can ring a particular bell to transform into a gargantuan Cat Mario so you can battle the equally big Bowser. The game is short, but entertaining. It plays like one long boss battle with some breaks for exploration in between bouts. 

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