SuperGen is building a massive esports compex in Shanghai



If you need proof that gaming and esports are a Very Big Deal, consider the number of construction mega-projects that are either in the planning stages or are already under way.

Back in June, we told you about how Tencent Holdings was working with the government of Hainan to build a “global esports harbour” on the Chinese island. In partnership with the gaming-and-entertainment giant, the island’s authorities planned to allocate the equivalent of US$145.6 million for the project.

Then in October eCentralSports reported on Pixel, an esports and virtual-reality hub in the works in Abu Dhabi. Part of the massive waterfront destination called Al Qana, Pixel will include an arcade and a tournament venue. It will also boast the Middle East’s first certified esports academy.

SuperGen has already begun construction

Now we learn of something called the Shanghai International Culture and Creative Esports Centre. The Chinese property company SuperGen Group has reportedly already started construction in Shanghai’s Minhang District.

SuperGen happens to be the parent company of Edward Gaming (also known as EDG). The new complex will include EDG’s own headquarters, along with a 6,000-seat arena and a gaming-themed hotel.

Oh, and also a breakdancing facility and a skydiving attraction. Because why not?

The Esports Observer reports that SuperGen expects to complete construction on the centre—in a 500,000-square metre industrial park—by 2023. According to SuperGen, the first phase of the project cost over US$774 million. By completion, the total price tag of the project will be more than US$1.55 billion.

SuperGen says the completed centre will host 300 international esports competitions each year, and will create some 2,000 esports-related jobs.

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