Superhot: Mind Control Delete introduces roguelike elements to unique FPS experience


Superhot Team

I totally missed out on Superhot when it was first released back in 2016 and 2017. Thankfully, Mind Control Delete, a sequel to the shooter game, has given me a chance to rectify my error. 

At the heart of Superhot is a simple mechanic: time moves when you move. 

The world created by the “Superhot Team” is static and still, until you put your avatar in motion. Reach for an object—Superhot weaponizes everything, including darts, fish, knives, and firearms—and the red shapes that indicate enemies also move. 

Step to one side to dodge a bullet, and that bullet starts moving towards you. 

What this means is that you can have the frantic and frenetic first-person shooter experience at your own pace. It means you can plan your movements the way you might plan your movements in a game of chess

Once you start moving, the game can progress quickly depending on how fast your character moves. Push that joystick a little too hard and you’ll find yourself in real time and sweating at the speed of it all. 

If you already own Superhot, you get Mind Control Delete as a free expansion. The game is similar in its art direction. You move through an antiseptic world of white, obviously computer generated, being attacked by red humanoid figures. Objects you can interact with, which become weapons, are black. 

There are four things that are notably new. First, levels are procedurally generated, so you’ll never be looking at the same map twice. Second, you can unlock different starting players that each have different abilities. Third, while playing through the levels you’ll get a chance to run hacks to give yourself buffs. Third, permanent death is a thing. 

You’re going to need those hacks, especially in the later levels when the number of enemies coming at you becomes overwhelming. Especially because the enemies become smarter and more challenging opponents, with protected parts and the ability to dodge your bullets. 

The new features bring a level of intensity and competition to Superhot that will have you sweating even though you can always stop time, if you could only stop moving. 

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